It’s not a silly question... someone will have asked it before!

What can I search for on Snap?

We’ve got hundreds of thousands of items for both men and women. Women can use our website as well as our two mobile apps, Snap Fashion and Snap ColourPop. Men can use our website and not our app (sorry dudes!). We’re working on a shiny new version of the app that men can use too which will be out in the New Year.

You can search for a multitude of clothing, from tops to shoes, and we’ve recently added handbags to the web. If there are any things that you’d love to Snap that you can’t at the moment, drop us a line at feedback@snapfashion.co.uk - we’re a friendly bunch and will help you out!

How do I Snap an image?

You can Snap any image on our website or Snap straight from your phone with one of our free apps – Snap Fashion and Snap ColourPop – that let you take a photo to search and shop for fashion. Click here to find out how to Snap in more detail.

What is the Snap It button and how do I put it on my bookmark bar?

Snap It lives on your bookmarks bar and lets you Snap anything you come across when browsing online. It’s really simple to install, just click, drag, and drop the Snap It button onto your bookmarks bar. You can grab it here.

What images can I Snap?

You can Snap any image that has an item of clothing or pair of shoes in it. It could be a photo of a friend on Facebook, an image from a fashion blog or online publication, and any photos you have stored on your computer.

Snap ColourPop lets you be a bit more abstract if you’re feeling creative. You can take a photo of literally anything and it will find you things in that shade. I Snapped a cat once. It loved it.

How do I upload a photo from my computer?

There’s a way to suit everyone. You can drag and drop an image, pick a file to upload, or even grab an image using our Snap It button that sits on your bookmarks bar. Check out here how to upload a picture.

Why aren’t I getting results?

Visual search is a strange beast, and it’s not 100% accurate all of the time. We always try and find you the best matches, but once in a while it might not be able to find you anything, or you might get the odd result popping up which isn’t quite what you’re looking for. We always try and give you lots of options though so that you can discover new things online.

If you don’t get any results at all it may be the lighting or angle that your item is photographed at. If you’ve got an alternative picture you should give that a try. You can also make sure that you’re dotting around the outside of an item, not the inside. Alternatively, there simply might not currently be any similar items in the Snap Fashion catalogue. Do try again soon, as we update our database daily with the latest collections.

Still having trouble? Send us your Snap by email and we’ll have a look into it.

How do I add (and remove) retailers to my list of Favourite brands?

Sign in to your account, and click on the stars next to the brand names. You can check out here in more detail.

How do I add (and remove) an item to my Wishlist?

Sign in to your account, and click on the heart next to an item of clothing. If it’s pink you’ve wished for it, if it’s grey then it’s not on your list. You’ll get price drop notifications for any of the items in your wishlist, so you’ll never miss a bargain. Check it out here.

How do I get Sales Tracker notifications?

We’ll be on high-alert to make sure that you’re notified when anything in your wishlist drops on price. This will happen automatically, but just in case go to My Account and tick the price alarm box to turn on your Sales alerts.

Why do I see duplicate products?

Because we stock items from many department stores like House of Fraser, John Lewis, and Debenhams, some products may overlap. We want to give you the choice of which retailer you want to buy from online.

Why do you have two apps?

Good question! Maybe we’re just too enthusiastic.

Snap ColourPop is like the Diet Coke version of Snap Fashion. It’s just as cool as the full fat version – take a photo of a colour and we’ll find you everything in that shade. Snap Fashion lets you search for clothing based on its shape, colour and texture, so it’s a little more in depth. We always use Snap ColourPop to find shoes to match my top, and Snap Fashion to search from magazines.

Who are Snap Fashion and what do they do?

We’re a friendly bunch based in London, and it’s our goal to change the way that people shop and search online. You can find out more about us here, or follow us on Twitter.