Sale Alerts

Sale Alerts

The best bit about it? We’ll send you an email or push notification if anything in your Wishlist drops in price, making sure you never have to miss out on a bargain buy again!

Just use the heart icon that appears next to nay product on Snap Fashion to add and remove items from your Wishlist – coloured and it’s in there, grey if it’s not.

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Similar Colour and Shape

Similar Colour and Shape - Snap Fashion

Tap on the 'Snap Similar' button to instantly discover similar colour and shape items. This way you can continue searching for your perfect piece or find alternative options for an item that’s a bit out of your budget.

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Favourite Brands

Favourite Brands - Snap Fashion

The Favourite Brands feature lets you narrow down your search results to the brands you love and trust the most. To include a brand in your list, simply click the star icon that appears next to any retailer name and they’ll be added to your Favourite Brands.

Browse & Filter

Browse and Shop - Snap Fashion

Visit our Browse page to view hundreds of thousands of products from over 250 top retailers.

You can play around on Snap Fashion’s colour wheel to search across the full catalogue of clothes and shoes according to your favourite shades. There are 256 different colours to pick from, so you can keep browsing for hours if you’re in the mood to shop!

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